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The Cultural Mosaic...
'The Cultural Mosaic' is both official policy and social attitude on how Canadians perceive Canadian society.
Canadian Lake
Canadian Lake

"The US is founded on the principle of the 'melting pot.' In the US, a citizen is American first, minority second. In Canada the cultural mosaic means you have your own culture first, then Canadian." Canadian teacher.

The term was coined by sociologist John Murray Gibbon in Canadian Mosaic, published in 1938. Gibbon argued that the problem with the melting pot policy was it asked immigrants to cut-off ties with their own culture in order to become 'American.' A Canadian mosaic approach would enable immigrants to maintain their own cultural identity, and contribute something new to the society.

"A second generation Vietnamese in Los Angeles says, 'I'm an American,' whereas a second generation Vietnamese in Toronto says 'I'm Canadian Vietnamese.'" Stockholm based Canadian consultant