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Language and Culture Skills for the 21st Century Workplace: The Network of Business Language Educators (NOBLE) is a community which brings together professionals across disciplines to collaborate and exchange ideas to build programs and curriculum that will prepare our students to be global leaders.

100 Essential Cheat Sheets for Doing Business Abroad

Demand For Bilingual Workers Rising

World Health Organization's Global Competency Model

What businesses want:language needs in the 21st century:

The Language Roadmaps for the 21st century: During the past three years The Language Flagship has engaged businesses, local and state government agencies and a variety of educational institutions in a variety of fora to learn what language needs are there – and what each of these sectors can do to contribute to shaping a future educational policies and actions to effect a globally competent workforce.

To compete in a global economy and to respond to the demands of its increasingly diverse population, America must promote and support the study of foreign languages and cultures. Such is the overwhelming consensus of three “roadmaps to language excellence,” the results of a Flagship initiative conducted to address growing language and cultural deficiencies in regional, state, and local U.S. workforces.

Roadmap to Language Excellence:

Ohio Language Roadmap for the 21st century

Texas Language Roadmap for the 21st century
Oregon Language Roadmap for the 21st century

Utah Language Roadmap for the 21st century